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Screen Custom Widget

A stateful object that represents an on-screen custom widget (currently supported in Syllable only)

Methods Description
Default Draw Fills the background of the widget to match the window (should only be called in a "draw" event handler).
Draw Line Draws a line on the widget.
Draw String Draws a text string on the widget.
Set Draw Color Sets the color to do draw operations with.
Move By Moves the widget by a certain number of units (currently pixels) in the parent window or widget.
Set Handler Sets an event handler for the widget. Currently screen custom widgets only receive "draw", "mousedown", "mouseup", and "mousemove", events.
Remove Handler Removes an event handler for a widget so that the default handler will be used instead.
Give Focus Gives the focus to a widget. Widgets with the focus receive mouse events even when the mouse isn't over the widget.
Add Widget Adds a child widget.