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An 8-bit binary safe string. Unicode support is planned, but not currently present.

Methods Description
<Whole Number Convert a whole number into a string.
<Real Number Convert a real number into a string.
<Yes No Convert a yes no value into a string.
= Check two strings for equality using a case sensitive comparison.
Append Append a string to the end of another.
Spit Split a string into a list of strings based on a delimeter.
Slice Slice a string into two parts.
Reverse Reverse a string.
Length Returns the number of characters in a string.
Put Raw Apppends the literal byte values of an object to a string. The output of this method is only useful when the fields of the object are defined as having Byte, Word, or Long type.
Get Raw Removes bytes from the beginning of a string and populates an object with the raw values. This worker will probably crash the interpreter if the object to be populated has any fields that aren't defined as Byte, Word or Long.
Put Byte Appends a byte to the string.