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Rhope Alpha 2 Released

by Mike Pavone

Rhope Alpha 2 is now available from the downloads page! Here are the major new features:

- New parser written in Rhope itself
- Less ugly syntax
- A primitive interactive mode (aka REPL)
- Checkboxes and dropdowns (Syllable only)
- Tail call optimization
- An experimental Nintendo DS port

For more details check the README in the download of your choice (yes there's actually a README this time).

It took me a bit longer to get this out the door than I had hoped, I'm quite happy with this release. It doesn't feel nearly as rushed as alpha 1 did.

I'll probably working solely on improving performance for the next month. The ICFP Programming Contest is fast approaching and Rhope's current performance could be an issue depending on the problem this year.

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