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Status Update

by Mike Pavone

I haven't posted about what I've been up to in regards to Rhope in a while so I figure I should write up a small update.

I have put some work into the existing Rhope interpreter. Some bugs have been fixed, the GUI library has been ported to GTK and I got it running on the Nokia N810. I was going to clean these changes up and release them as Alpha 3, but I decided that the time has come for a proper Rhope compiler. The existing Rhope interpreter is a prototype designed to let me explore how the language should work and the public releases were intended to get feedback from others. That exploration is largely complete (for now, obviously the language will continue to evolve over time) and it has become clear that there are too many flaws in the current implementation for it to make sense to continue working on it.

To that end I have started working on a Rhope compiler. The compiler is being written in Rhope itself as will the language runtime when I get to that phase of the implementation. To that end, I will be adding optional static typing, some more primitive types to the language, enhancements to global stores. Most Rhope code will not need to use these features, but they will be available.

So far I've made some progress on code for producing serial code out of a Rhope dataflow graph and on C and x86 backends. Unfortunately, I have been unable to work on Rhope as much as I have in the past as I no longer am able to commute by train. I'll do a release as soon as I have something that can compile at least simple Rhope code.

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