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Rhope Wants You

by Mike Pavone

Up until now, Rhope has been open source in the sense that the source has been released under an OSI approved license (namely the 3 clause BSD license), but not in the sense that it accepted external contributions. This was partly because no one had expressed much interest in contributing, but also because I felt the direction of the language was not well enough defined for outside contributions to be terribly useful. However, I now have a much better idea of what Rhope needs to be and it's clear that if Rhope will ever be more than just a hobby language I'm going to need some help.

To that end, I've opened a public repository containing Rhope's source code. Currently this repository contains the Alpha 2 source with some fixes and enhancements, the beginnings of a compiler and some initial work on a new runtime (take a look at the runtime directory). To get your own copy of the repository you'll need Mercurial. Once you have that installed, you can enter hg clone http://rhope.retrodev.com:8000/main somedir, where somedir is the directory you want to store your copy in.

If you want to contribute, send me an e-mail mentioning what you would like to work on at pavone@retrodev.com or leave a comment on this post so that duplicate effort can be avoided.

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