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Rhope is Officialy Self-Hosted

by Mike Pavone

So Rhope is now properly self-hosted. Actually, it has been for almost two weeks. At some point in the hopefully not two distant future I'll do a proper release so you can get the compiler running without bootstrapping through the interpreter, but I want to do some more cleanup first. Most recently I've ported the new parser I started a while back to the version of Rhope implemented by the compiler. Unfortunately it's not as close to being done as I remember it. It only handles the top level syntax at the moment so there's still a fair amount of work before I can replace the old messy one. In the meantime, you can get the compiler by cloning the Mercurial repository. You'll need a 64-bit Linux box, a C compiler and make. To build the compiler run the following commands from the directory in which you checked out the repo:
make -f makefile.linux ./rhope -t 1 compile_old.rhope compile_old_c.rhope mkdir build ./ctobin compile_old_c.rhope -O1 mv build/compile_old_c ./rhope2c ./compile compile_old_c.rhope -O1
Once I put together a proper release it will be much simpler and hopefully I'll have resolved some of the portability issues (FFI doesn't currently have a proper way of dealing with integer types that are different sizes on different platforms and struct stat doesn't have a consistent layout from one platform to the next).

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