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Usage Note

by Mike Pavone

There's a small bug that a fair number of people have been running into. It seems the argument checking code isn't working properly so the interpreter just crashes if you run it with no arguments. This should be fixed in the next release, but in the meantime please invoke rhope in the following manner:

rhope <filename>
rhope -t <num> <filename>

Where <filename> is the name of a file containing Rhope sourcecode with an extension of .vistxt and <num> is the number of threads to use in the thread pool (default is currently 4). If you're using windows and want to use the GUI features you need to replace rhope with rhope_gui in the examples above.

Also note, that if the file passed to the rhope interpreter doesn't contain a Main worker and doesn't Import a file that does, the interpreter will probably crash (this also will be fixed in the next release). The source files that are included with the interpreter itself (extendlib.vistxt, framework.vistxt and webserver.vistxt) are libraries and don't define Main so don't try to run those directly. All the files in the examples archive do define Main however, and can be run directly.

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