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Documentation Update

by Mike Pavone

I updated the documentation late yesterday (Feb 24) and while it's still not complete it's a lot better than what was available when Rhope was released on the 21st. Currently the only companies with missing method documentation are Custom Widget, Input Box, Program, Real Number, Screen Window and Whole Number. Screen Custom Widget is currently completely absent from the documentation. These omissions should be taken care of within the next day or so and at which point all the workers and companies that are implemented in the core interpreter will have at least basic documentation.

After that, I need to make some enhancements to the code that generates the documentation. I need to add a field for storing where a worker or company is implemented so I can add documentation for things implemented in extendlib and the web framework without confusion. I also need to add some support for "article" style documentation and the ability to add nicely formatted code examples to the existing pages. If there's anything else you want to see in the documentation let me know by commenting on this blog entry, posting in the mailing list at Google Groups or by e-mailing me directly at pavone@retrodev.com

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