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Initial Documentation Complete

by Mike Pavone

Last night (Feb 27), I made another update to the documentation and I'm happy to announce that all companies implemented in the interpreter itself now have all of their methods properly documented. This means that for the moment, the documentation is complete. There's still quite a bit to be done before I'll consider the documentation for Rhope to be passable, but as I mentioned in my previous post that requires some updates to the software.

I also made a few updates to improve the stability of the web server running this site. Previously no validation was done on the documentation file, which in combination with some errors in the documentation file itself led to runtime errors that caused the interpreter to exit when certain pages were requested. Certain other pages would fail to load. Validation has now been added and the documentation file has been fixed so these issues should be gone. I've also whipped together a tiny shell script that will restart the web server if it crashes or exits for some reason. Why I didn't think to do this earlier is beyond me.

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