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Alpha 2 and Beyond

by Mike Pavone

I want to give a quick overview of what's coming down the pipe for Rhope. First, here's what to expect in Alpha 2 (apart from bugfixes):
- New parser written in Rhope itself
- Slightly less strange syntax
- Basic tail call optimization
- More robust GUI support (might be Syllable only until Alpha 3)
- Support for more transaction handling options (maybe)

Before version 1.0 is released I'd like to see the following as a minimum:
- VM based interpreter
- Basic native code compiler
- Anonymous workers (full lexical closures might not make it though)
- At least basic GUI support for all "officially supported" platforms (currently Windows, Syllable, OSX and *nix/X11)
- Working visual version of the language that integrates well with the text version

These feature goals aren't set in stone though. If there's a feature you'd like to see sooner rather than later let me know. As usual, you can reply to this blog post directly, send a message to the mailing list or e-mail me at pavone@retrodev.com

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